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Experience the very best the Mount Rinjani National Park has to offer with our personalised trekking organizer. Whether you are looking for a private trekking guide or group trekking package, we are committed to providing an excellent level of service throughout.

Rinjani Wonders is run by Mr Perdy supported by a specialised team dedicated to providing outstanding & licensed trekking guided. We are experienced Rinjani trekking organizer whose knowledge of the area will ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime & we specialise in the area of the Mount Rinjani National Park that we know best and offer a range trekking expedition to Mount Rinjani.

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Take a look at what we have to offer start from 2 days 1 night top Rinjani up to 7 days 6 nights trekking summit Rinjani, lake and explore 3 gili island or 2 days 1 night hiking crater rim Senaru which very best of day hikes in Mt. Rinjani National Park.

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  1. Local Company with Best Guides.
    We are local Senaru company with expert guides were hand selected to work for us, who have received extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue.
  2. Responsible Trekking
    We are also a responsible tourist agency trying to make your visit worthwhile, not only for yourself but also part of the money you spend we will use to maintain the cleanliness and preservation of Mount Rinjani National Park.
  3. Safety and Expertise
    Taking on a challenging adventure should not mean compromising your safety. You can be confident you are always in safe hands with Rinjani Wonders. We are experts in all our activities, know all the areas in which we operate intimately and know how to ensure you enjoy your adventure safely using the best guides and the best climbing procedures.
  4. Quality Camping Gear.
    We only use high quality camping equipment to keep climbers as comfortable as possible while outdoors. Our tents are warm, waterproof, roomy and perfectly suited for the climb Rinjani. We provide thick foam sleeping pads and warm sleeping bags for all clients.

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Trekking Start Sembalun

This is best route of trekking Mount Rinjani. Starting at Sembalun at an altitude is 1100 m, so there are no humid conditions to deal with. First half or more of the trek is literally a breeze. The trek through savannah grassland is windy and easygoing, with gentle ups and downs. Rolling hills and amazing scenery help to ease the tiredness, unlike the enclosed tropical rainforest of Senaru route. From POS 2 to POS 3, the climb is still manageable. The challenge for Sembalun route is from POS 3 to POS Extra, as the uphill gradient can be 50 degrees until it reaches Plawangan Sembalun (summit campsite) at 2,639 m and overnight in the tent here. The next day the trip will continue in the early morning towards to the summit 3,726 m and return to Sembalun for the 2-days program, while the program for 3 days or more trips will continue to Segara Anak Lake, hot spring water, Plawangan Senaru and end the trip at Senaru village.

2 days summit

2D-1N Summit Rinjani

Climbing to Mount Rinjani summit start from Sembalun and return to Sembalun

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3 days summit lake

3D-2N Summit and Lake

Trekking Rinjani summit and lake start at Sembalun and down at Senaru village

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4 days summit

4D-3N Summit and Lake

Mount Rinjani trekking to summit and lake start at Sembalun and down to Senaru

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Hiking Start Senaru

Trekking start Senaru village on 601m will take you through a steeper non-stop climb through the rainforest, and a fairly difficult rocky climb in the last trek till crater rim Senaru 2,641m.This route it’s a shaded but need 3 days or more to reach the lake or summit Rinjani.

2 days rim senaru

2D-1N Crater rim Senaru

Hiking Rinjani to crater rim Senaru start at Senaru and return to Senaru

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3 days senaru

3D-2N Hiking Segara Anak Lake

Hiking Rinjani to Segara Anak Lake start at Senaru and return to Senaru

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4 days senaru

4D-3N Rim Senaru and Summit

Hiking Rinjani to rim Senaru, lake and summit start Senaru and finish Sembalun

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Specials Trekking Packages

Trekking Rinjani mountain to enjoy the nature beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park with a relaxing trip we offer a 5-day trekking package start Sembalun and end at Senaru with an extra 2 days to explore the beauty of three gili’s (Trawangan, Meno and Air)

5 days 4 nights

5D-4N Summit and Lake

Trekking Rinjani to summit, lake, hot spring, rim Senaru and finish at Senaru village.

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7 days

7D-6N Trekking Rinjani and Tour Lombok

Trekking Rinjani to summit, lake, hot spring, rim Senaru and tour to gili island

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Soft Trekking and Tour Lombok

If you do not want to climb Rinjani or for those non-trekkers or family with kids who love nature, why not take our day tour package to see, do, discover and experience traveling around the Lombok island and gili’s to visit the highlights and the unique of Lombok or camping one night on Pergasingan hill Sembalun..

gili kondo

Tour Gili Kondo

Explore the gili Kondo, snorkeling and camping

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2D-1N Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

Hiking and camping at Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

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Senaru Village Tour

Tour at Senaru village and explore the waterfall

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kuta lombok

Kuta Lombok Tours

Through this program we will visit the traditional house of the Sasak tribe and beautiful landscape of Tanjung Aan, Mawun and Kuta beach Lombok.

tetebatu lombok

Tetebatu Lombok Tours

Tetebatu is sourrounded by beautiful agricultural Landscapes, Forests and Waterfalls. It is not just the enchanting Rice-Paddies, there are Tobacco-Plantations

Guide and Porters

Climbing Mount Rinjani the well Guide and Porter will take second place after your fitness level and mental determination, in terms of important factors contributing to your successful all the trip, your comfort and safety in climbing Rinjani summit. During your trip the guide will be your advisor.


Trekking Rinjani is usually done 2 days or more, of course you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within trekking days. We have set up and organize all you need to sleep before climbing or within the hiking Mount Rinjani, ranging from accommodation in Senaru or Sembalun also equipment for camping on mount Rinjani.

Booking Value

When you book one of our Rinjani trekking package or tour Lombok island package, you will receive quality services at the best prices with plenty of inclusions. There are no hidden costs and you’ll enjoy many ‘extra touches’ that ensure your holiday is excellent value for money.