Rinjani Wonders

Dear people who love the adventures, after many years of experience as the Tour Guide and Trekking Organizer, start from 2014 until then, we aimed to share some point of view of the magnificent Lombok and specifically the wonders of Rinjani National Park, which might inspire you to respect more about one of the Greatest God Grace.

At this point, we will share the “Harmony Living” – People and activities.
Hiking to Mount Rinjani is the best moment to plan your hike to the second-highest mountain in Indonesia and to experience the stunning panorama on Lombok Island. Our company is an experienced trekking organizer and tour operator which has served trekkers and visitors from all over the world. Their positive views on Tripadvisors and Google have raised our confidence to serve you better and sustain as a trekking company.
We provide highly trained, experienced, and caring tour guides and porters as well as good quality trekking equipment to ensure that you would have the most satisfying moments throughout your trek. Your safety and satisfaction during the hike are our number one priority.

For our company, trekking Rinjani is not only about personal achievement, but community empowerment and preserving the environment. We recruited the local tour guides and porters coming from low and middle-income families. We certainly take part in reducing unemployment rates on the Island of Lombok. Their earnings are spent on living costs, house reconstruction (after the earthquake), and the education fee of their children. Trekking is partially social work for us. We also care about nature very much as we rely on it to sustain this trekking activity. For this reason, we ensure that all rubbish during the trek should be carried back to our office and to be sent to the disposal site.
Our company is adopting the concept of green trekking meaning that none of our teams is allowed to cut down the tree during the hike for any reason. We also promote reforestation by engaging trekkers and the wider community to plant trees to maintain water sources and to avoid floods and landslides.

So, come and color your journey on Rinjani by hiking with us. Integrity, Loyalty and Humanity, Profesional for Better Service Quality, Let your mind wander and allow your soul wander, Have A Nice Travelling To Rinjani and Enjoy The Environment With The Beautifull Scenery”. Don’t let any hinder get embraced by Rinjani Wonders. Just simply plan your trek and let us handle the rest.


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