New Travel Destinasion In East Lombok

East Lombok Sets 18 Tourism Villages as New Travel Destination in Lombok, where are those ??

There are 18 villages in East Lombok which are designated as tourist villages. The focus of the village development policy is tourism. What are the villages?

The East Lombok Tourism Service determines 18 villages that have tourism potential. Each village is expected to be able to bring the target of 10 thousand tourist visits per year.

Head of East Lombok Tourism Office, Mugni on Monday (05/13/2019), stated that the determination of a tourism-based village was seen from the activities and potential of the village. That potential can be in the form of natural and cultural destinations.

Mugni said: “There must be tourism activities first. There is tourism potential or attraction. Only then is it set. One of the conditions is there has also been a tourist visit to the village.”

The villages are designated as tourist villages in East Lombok, namely Tetebatu Village, Sembalun Bumbung, Pringgasela, Tanjung Luar, Jerman (Jeruk Manis), Kembang Kuning.

The closest tourist village to Kembang Kuning

Sekaroh Village, Sembalun Lawang, Lenek Ramban Biak, Jerowaru, Labuhan Pandan, Sugian, Lenek Pesiraman, Bebidas, Senanggalih, Seriwe, Sapit and Sembalun also became tourist villages.

The head of the tourism office stated that he strongly supported the establishment of tourism villages in East Lombok. Because according to Mugni, community-based tourism is the focal point of tourism development there.

“We are very supportive, because that is the essence of community-based tourism that is being and continues to grow in Lotim,” he said.

The establishment of New Travel Destination in Lombok as tourist villages was determined by the West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Government through a governor’s decree in 2019. There are 99 villages which have been designated as tourist villages in NTB.

In Central Lombok Regency there are 16 tourist villages. West Lombok has 13 villages, 8 North Lombok villages, Mataram City 4 villages, Bima City 4, Dompu 9 villages, Bima 10 regencies, in Sumbawa 9, West Sumbawa 8 tourist villages.

Well, for a traveler who is curious about the potential of the tourist village, please visit immediately.

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