Provide Education About Rinjani and Its Comunity

Sasak Ethnic Around Rinjani: Trekking to Rinjani is not only about climbing to conquer the famous high peak of Rinjani, but about how you can conquer the hearts of the people to be able to blend and find true local wisdom and hospitality that animates every local resident around the slopes of Mount Rinjani .

Indeed, the convenience offered by the sasak community as residents of the slopes of Mount Rinjani and the indigenous inhabitants of Lombok Island will not be found on the other side of the world because it is indeed unique. To get to know more about the Sasak community around Gunung Rinjani, it’s good that you really need to read this article.

The following is the uniqueness of the Sasak Ethnic community :

1. Love to greet in English

Greeting with english when visit to around rinjani lombok

Friendly is the hallmark of Indonesian people, especially Lombok residents. If you get lost or need information, don’t hesitate to ask, they will show you the right way. Local residents also like to smile and say hello, especially to foreign tourists. Uniquely, they will greet you in English even though they are not very proficient in English in fact.

2.Nice to offer and serve typical Lombok Coffee

Rinjani Lombok Traditional Cofee

The hospitality of Lombok residents is not only stuck in greetings, but also likes to offer and serve coffee to guests who come or just pass in front of his house. For example, if you visit one house and definitely be served black coffee, then in the next house you will definitely be offered back, or at least just offered for coffee. So, if you go to a different house twice, you will also be treated to Lombok coffee as a friend to chat twice. Lombok Coffee is famous for its delicious, distinctive taste, and makes it addictive, plus many residents who choose to process it themselves traditionally.

3. Have the Begawe tradition

Begawe on Sasak ethnic

Begawe is very attached to the life of ethnic Sasak, because in every dimension of life is always associated with the activities of Begawe, both those relating to birth, death, circumcision (cutting the genitals for boys), Merarik (married) and many other Begawe events very synonymous with the life of the Sasak community. Basically this Begawe is a party activity as an expression of gratitude to the creator of life and death. In this Begawe, the surrounding community will gather and discuss to carry out activities to collect wood for cooking, cut animals, wash rice, and cook it and present it with the concept of mutual cooperation which is inseparable from the rituals of each session.

Read More About Local Wisdom Around Of Rinjani

Of course there are still many different kinds of uniqueness of Sasak Ethnic life that you really need to know. Therefore Rinjani Wonders offers a variety of activities and distinctive experiences related to the community in this area, with fun for your children and even their grandparents! Lombok may be famous for its amazing cultural attractions. In all villages in the area, you will find traditional Sasak craftsmen, with products that include black terracotta and woven baskets. Lombok is also famous for its “Peresean” culture or traditional Sasak stick fighting.

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