Cheap Rinjani Tour? : Following are cost saving tips

Are you currently planning your vacation or Holiday to Mount Rinjani and Lombok ?, So this article is the right answer for you to read until it’s finished. Because you will find the perfect tips to plan the cost of a Cheap Rinjani Tour and an efficient time so that you don’t waste money and time.
Here are the things you should prepare and pay attention to when planning a Trekking Tour to Rinjani and Lombok ?

1. Determine the right time for Trekking Tour Rinjani
When is the right time to take a Rinjani mountain tour?
Yes, the best time to do the Rinjani tour is between April to October every year, because in Lombok or around Rinjani, the Trekking Activity will be closed from December to March, for reasons of rain for the safety and comfort of visitors and the process repair and maintenance of hiking trails by Mount Rinjani National Park officials. During the climbing season (between April to November) there are two season categories that affect the price of cheap and expensive Rinjani Tours, which are high season and low season. High season is when the number of visitors increases in June to September, so the costs you have to pay will also be expensive (but currently the National Park is outlining a new policy of limiting the number of visitors per day to only 100 people). While Low season is where the number of visitor is less and usually you will get the cost of cheap Rinjani tour.

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2. How to order cheap Rinjani Tour packages?
Most prospective visitors who plan a tour to Rinjani are often confused between whether he should order when he is still in his country or when he has arrived in Lombok (Gili Trawangan, Kuta Mandalika, or Senggigi) and Bali (Kuta or Nusa Lambongan) through many brokerage services offering services at every corner of the counter. But you don’t need to be confused, ordering your Rinjani package should be done directly to the Trekking Organizer or Trekking operators like us “Rinjani Wonders” directly. And you should not go through a broker.

3. Why should the Rinjani Tour Package order be made directly to the Tour Organizer?
Of course you don’t want your dreams and planning to do the Rinjani Tour to be damaged because of the mistake you chose for the Rinjani Tour agency or an irresponsible broker. For this reason, for this reason, you must order directly to the Trekking Organizer or Official operator tour recommended by Mount Rinjani National Park, both at Senaru Village and in Sembalun Village. Because then, without going through a broker, the costs you incurred will definitely be cheaper and you can make a direct offer to get the cheap and right Rinjani Tour price without any additional costs you have to spend. Besides that, you will also get a money back guarantee if there is a complaint regarding the services provided. If you place an order through an official Tour Operator, you will get a guarantee when you place an order or set foot on Lombok until you return to your country. Can I order Rinjani Tour packages while in Bali or Lombok, Yes! of course you can make an order 1 day in advance and will be picked up by the Private Car at your accommodation.

4. How do you get to Rinjani Mountain?
Trekking Organizer or Tour Operators, especially Rinjani Wonders, provide free delivery and pickup services using a private car because they are included in the package you ordered. So you don’t need to worry when arriving in Lombok via Airport or Bangsal Harbor and so on. You only order airplane tickets from your country to Lombok and return tickets to your country (we can also help you to book airline tickets for return to your country)

5. Where is the right information about the Cost of Cheap Rinjani Tour?
Currently there are many sites that provide information about cheap and reliable Rinjani tours that you can make as references, such as Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet,, and many other independent blogs that provide detailed information about Rinjani Trekking Tour. Or for more detailed and accurate information you need, then you should ask directly to the Trekking Organizer because they have the latest information at any time like Rinjani Wonders who are ready to serve Inquiry every day 24/7 for free via email or hotline and WhatsApp. Rinjani Wonders provides Chat Online that can respond after each time

6. Is there a right to rent a scooter or bicycle in Lombok or Senaru?
If you travel to Lombok independently or backpacker, then of course you need a motorbike or bicycle that can be rented to be your transportation around Lombok. Then the answer is Yes!, You can find many providers offering motorbike and bicycle rental around Lombok International Airport or Mataram City. What is the cost of rent per day? Usually you will be charged a lot of rent for a motorcycle between IDR. 50000 up to IDR 100,000 per day

7. Do I have to order tickets independently at E-Rinjani?
Do not worry, you do not have to bother to order tickets to enter Mount Rinjani National Park, which is quite complicated, because we as Tour Operator or Tour Organizer service providers will do the booking of tickets for Mount Rinjani National Park for you and included in the package price pay What is the cost of entering Mount Rinjani National Park? Currently the entrance fee to Mount Rinjani National Tamana is IDR. 150000 / day

8. What types of tour packages are available for Rinjani?
For the Rinjani Tour package, we provide a wide selection of complete packages including:
– Trekking Rinjani Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night
– Trekking Rinjani Tour Package 3 Days 2 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 4 Days 3 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 5 Days 4 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 6 Days 5 Night (Combine With Lombok Day Tour)
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 7 Days 6 Night (Combine With Gili Tour)

9. Is there a shopping center around the road when heading to Rinjani?
Yes!, You will find many shopping centers that provide a variety of your needs to climb Rinjani and others.
10. which provides by typical Lombok and Rinjani?
Yes!, There are many shopping centers that offer souvenirs and souvenirs by Rinjani and Lombok which are located around the airport and the city of Mataram.

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