Why Trekking To Summit Rinjani isn’t Available?

Trekking To Summit Rinjani isn’t available: It is really disappointing! Climbing to the summit of Rinjani 3726 MASL is not available in this 2019 season and the manager of Mount Rinjani National Park does not provide access for climbers to do Rinjani Trekking activities to the summit. That is not because there are no basic reasons. Frequently questions arise from prospective climbers / trekkers who ask via online chat, WhatsApp, or email. Is the climb to the summit of Rinjani available this season ?, Why can’t you climb all the way to the summit of Rinjani? And when is the climb to the summit of Rinjani and the lake Segara anak will be available again?

 Is the climb to the top of Rinjani available this season?

One of the most frequently asked questions is whether climbing to the top of Rinjani is available this season. The answer is “no”, because access to the Rinjani peak was damaged quite badly after the earthquake in July to August 2018.

Why can’t you climb all the way to the Summit of Rinjani?

The closure of Rinjani trekking access to the peak of 3726 due to security and safety reasons for the climbers, if forced to do the climb to the top of Mount Rinjani it will pose a considerable risk. Along the path from the Sembalun route to the “letter e” and the peak suffered very severe damage, it is not possible to pass, especially by many people as is usually the case in the high season between June and August. Several feasibility surveys have been conducted by a joint team of SAR (Search And Rescue), officers from the Mount Rinjani National Park, Trekking Association operators to the Guide and Porters. Here is the video:

From the video, we can see some people who were doing a survey to the top of Rinjani having difficulty so they had to use a rope to get to the “ridge”. Also seen quite severe damage occurred along the path until there are some blank lines that cut access to the Rinjani Peak.

When will the climb to the summit of Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak be available again?

This is the most difficult question to answer, because the officers of the Mount Rinjani National Park also cannot answer it because they are unable to predict when access to the peak of Rinjani 3726 and access to Lake Sebaga Anak will recover. If anyone answers that the Rinjani Peak will be available again in 2022, it also cannot be ascertained because we can only wait for the reshaping of the density of soil and rocks along the path through the precipitation process which is assisted by rain.

No wonder the question arises and is often asked by prospective climbers who are planning a vacation or want to climb to Mount Rinjani, because so far the main attraction and the most typical of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok and Rinjani Trekking activity is the peak Rinjani 3726 MASL. Rinjani is known as the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Satisfaction alone will be obtained by trekkers who have set foot on Mount Rinjani, because of course to reach the Peak 3726 MASL from Mount Rinjani then you have to go through many steep and challenging roads that can trigger adrenaline. Certainly, you must be in a fit and full of spirit, not least of the many trekkers who have ever climbed Rinjani failed to reach the peak of 3726 MASL. Most of those who fail are because they are not very ready physically and mentally when facing the path to the top. But for those who can get to the top, not a few of them also shed tears of happiness, especially trekkers from Asia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and so on. The beauty you will find at the summit of Rinjani, starting from the beautiful sunrise, the appearance of the Mount Agung Peak of Bali which is quite clear, to the sight of a series of small islands or Gili around the island of Lombok.

Although in this season and the next few years climbing access to the summit of Rinjani cannot be allowed for Trekking and climbing activities, but there are other options which certainly will not make you disappointed because you cannot climb to the top, ie you can choose the famous Senaru track with the beauty of the path that is still pure and many exotic views that can be traversed, besides that you can also see the Black Monkey that is around the Senaru track. Or you can also choose the Timbanuh Hiking Trail which is still pure and has a peak that is quite high and does not differ much from the main peak which is usually called the South Peak.

Are you interested in trying the Timbanuh route to the southern peak?

Lets Check Here : Timbanuh Route to The Southern Peak

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