Rinjani Forest Fires Make Trekking Rinjani Closed

Rinjani Forest fires occur in the hiking trail of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. post incident, the Mount Rinjani National Park Hall are closes all hiking trails.


Source: Inside Lombok

“All climbing routes of Mount Rinjani are closed. As of October 20, 2019 until an undetermined deadline,” said daily executor of Mount Rinjani National Park Dwi Pangestu when asked for confirmation on Sunday (10/20/2019 : m.detik.com ).

The decision was taken by Mount Rinjani National Park Hall to maximize the handling of forest fires and ensure a safe hiking trail. Closing the route (Senaru, Sembalun) is also to maintain the safety and security of visitors and prevent fires from spreading to other areas.

The fire at Mount Rinjani was known to occur in the Senaru route on Saturday (19/10), which then spread to the Sembalun route. Mount Rinjani National Park Hall has called on all parties to obey and understand the closure policy.

Even though (Rinjani Forest fires) there were land and forest fires around the Senaru and Sembalun climbing routes, there were no casualties for the trekkers who had been in Rinjani the day before, although many regretted the opportunity especially for those who did the Rinjani trekking on the morning of the fire. For the convenience and safety of the climbers, the Mount Rinjani National Park and the Trekking Organizer or Trekking operators decided to bring their climbers back to Senaru and Sembalun, so that complaints from the trekkers were unavoidable so that not a few of them took some the costs they have incurred.

However, with the closing of the Rinjani climbing route via Sembalun and Senaru, it does not mean you cannot do the Rinjani trekking activity, because you can do the Rinjani trekking route through the Timbanuh Line in the Southern Line.

Surely there are still many other tourist destinations that you can visit to replace your desire of trekking to Rinjani by trekking and hiking to the top of the Pergasingan hill which is famous for its beauty and is almost similar to Rinjani.

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