The Singaporean Exclusive Expedition

Rinjani Trekking or Hiking Rinjani is one of the big dreams for lovers of outdoor activities. No exception is also for those of you who are in Singapore, because based on data in Rinjani National Park, that one of the most foreign tourists comes from Singapore. If you are in Singapore and are looking for a company that provides organizer services for Singapore’s Rinjani Trekking service?, then you have visited a very appropriate website.

We are Rinjani Wonders, a company that has an official permit and is registered as one of the companies that make major contributions to Rinjani National Park every year because it has received a very good response from the visitors on TripAdvisor, as evidenced by the large number of visitors to Rinjani National Park who use Rinjani Wonders services as a planner and organizer of every detail of Rinjani Tour trips and their needs while in Mount Rinjani and Lombok in general.

Is Rinjani Package available for 2020 Season?

Rinjani Trekking Package Service Available (recommended By Rinjani National Park For Safe) on 2020 Season :

  1. 2D1N to Summit 3726 MASL from Sembalun Route

  2. 2D1N to Senaru Rim 2641 MASL from Senaru Route

What is provided by Rinjani trekking organizer Singapore in Lombok?

Rinjani Wonders serves and organizes the needs of climbers visiting Mount Rinjani.

  • Pick up and Drop After Trekking : If you come from Singapore by airplane, we will pick you up in Lombok International Airport using our private car with a trained driver carrying a welcome paper that says Rinjani Wonders’ name and your name as the visitor we pick up at the pickup gate.Not only that, if you came from Singapore but had already stopped by in Bali and chose to use a fasboat to go to Lombok, then we will pick you up at Bangsal harbor or Teluk Nara and Senggigi (depending on the fast boat you ordered from Bali). Not a few also the visitors who use our services ask to be picked up at Kuta Mandalika or Mataram City because they had previously stayed there.
  • Hotel Accommodation : Rinjani Wonders also provides accommodation in hotels or home stays that are safe and comfortable with a local concept but provides Asian food to suit your tastes of visitors who are looking for Rinjani Trekking Service Singapore.
  • Professional Local Guide & Porters : Furthermore, we also provide Guide services and professional local porters who have been certified by Rinjani National Park so that you will feel very friendly with them.
  • Trekking Gear and Equipment : When you depart from your home in Singapore, you no longer need to worry about trekking equipment, because here we have provided it for you (included in the tour package), such as Tents with twin capacity or European standard doubles, Sleeping Bags with dacron that will keep you warm when you sleep at night, a Pillow as a soft head support, a soft Foam Mattress and comfortable so no need to worry for those of you who have problems with your back, Portable Toilets that we will set up at each POS stop to keep you stay comfortable and maintain the cleanliness of the environment, of course, a safe and comfortable Mountain Chair will also be provided at each stop, Trekking Pole that will accompany you to walk step by step climbing in Rinjani.
  • Daily Food And Drink :  Food and drinks will always be available to you at all times while on Mount Rinjani by the porters that accompany you, as well as soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Pocay Sweet, Pulpy Orange), fresh fruit, snacks, Ginger Tea, Cofee, and other special foods of Mount Rinjani that will make you always remember your Rinjani tour. As a night-time beverage, we provide you Beer Bintang.
  • Trekking Certficate : Mount Rinjani is known for the difficulties and challenges that exist in climbing it, of course we will not forget to give appreciation which will add special memories for you in the form of a certificate of climbing appreciation when you return from Mount Rinjani.

So, we think you don’t need to think long to order and use the services of Rinjani Wonders in planning and organizing your Rinjani Tour if you are looking for Rinjani Trekking Service Singapore.

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