Rinjani National Park Blacklist Indonesian Actress

Rinjani National Park Lombok Indonesia Blacklist Indonesian singer Fiersa Besari, because he has violated regulations by double booking hikes and hikes for more than 2 days and 1 night.

Through the Instagram TV page, Fiersa Besari admitted that he was blacklisted for his own mistake in violating the rules set for climbing during the new normal era.

Fiersa Besari also revealed the chronology until he and the team got a blacklist on climbing Rinjani.

“That’s right, I and the Atap Negeri team, Arsal Bahtiar, we were blacklisted from Mount Rinjani for our own mistakes, my mistakes,” said Fiersa in his Instagram account on Friday (6/11/2020).

At that time, Fiersa planned to climb and collect content for her YouTube channel, “Atap Negeri”.

He brought the team and one of his team named Arsal Bahtiar suddenly collided with another job in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara. As a result, Fiersa made a double booking. Fiersa made double bookings on 11-12 October and 13-14 October.

“Because at that time Arsal Bahtiar suddenly had work in Labuan Bajo, and at that time I was afraid he would not be able to go home according to the date we set to go to Rinjani,” said Fiersa.

During the corona pandemic, visitors are only allowed to climb 2 days and one night and the climbing quota is limited to below 100 people.

“Finally, I made a double booking and submitted the booking to the porter’s family in Sembalun or porter friends,” he continued.

It turned out that Fiersa Besari went to the climb as the initial agreement date was 11-12 October.

“So after that it turned out that Arsal Bahtiar could go to Lombok as the time had been determined at the beginning, namely the 11th and 12th. Finally we started leaving for Lombok on October 10,” said Fiersa.

However, during the climb, Fiersa and the team were plagued by strong winds which made them have to choose between continuing the journey, going down or staying.

“When we climbed, we were caught in strong winds, in the end I only had 3 choices to force continue to peak, go down or stay. If we insist on continuing, I am not ready to take the risk because the wind is very strong, and I am afraid that something will happen to the team. It was hard to do it, because we came there not to climb but also to make a documentary video for my YouTube with the content of Atap Negeri, “said Fiersa.

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Fiersa finally chose to stay behind and wait for the weather to improve to return to climbing. He emphasized that there was no intention of remaining at the top.

“And finally we decided to stay until it was safe enough to go up and once again it was my mistake and stupidity. I led this project, I took the decision and it resulted in us being blacklisted,” said Fiersa.

Because he had climbed for more than 2 days and 1 night, Fiersa admitted his mistake and was blacklisted from TNGR.

Regarding this mistake, the Head of the TNGR Center, Dedy Asriady also confirmed that Fiersa Besari was on the TNGR blacklist because he climbed more than 2 days and 1 night. Fiersa Besari was also blacklisted climbing Mount Rinjani National Park for 2 years.

So this is the consequence for visitors who do not comply with the provisions set by the Mount Rinjani National Park

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