Most Popular Hotel in Sembalun as Best Accommodations

Most Popular Hotel in Sembalun. Sembalun is one of the areas in East Lombok which is often visited by tourists to travel. Therefore, there are also several inns that should be rented to spend the night in the area. Sembalun itself is also an area at the foot of Rinjani and is often targeted by Rinjani climbers to start climbing. If you are looking for accommodation in Sembalun, here are some recommended ones.

  1. Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant Sembalun
    One of the lodgings and places to eat in Lombok that is recommended for tourists at the foot of Mount Rinjani is Rudi’s Villa & Restaurant Sembalun. This inn and restaurant is one of the best spots that shows a view of Mount Rinjani.
    This inn also has complete facilities. There is also a swimming pool that can be used by visitors who want to swim. From the swimming pool, the view of Mount Rinjani looks very beautiful.
    This inn is suitable for those of you who like a natural atmosphere with cool temperatures. But at night, the temperature there is quite cold because it is near Mount Rinjani National Park.
  2. Nuansa Rinjani
    The next accommodation in Sembalun is Nuansa Rinjani. Nuansa Rinjani is also one of the lodgings with the best view under the foot of Mount Rinjani. With complete facilities, you can enjoy cool and beautiful tours from there.
    The nuances of Rinjani are also only approximately 12 km from Mount Rinjani National Park. In addition, another tourist attraction close from there is Pergasingan Hill.
    The rooms at Nuansa Rinjani are also very clean. The interesting thing about this inn is the existence of a strawberry garden that can be picked and eaten directly from the garden.
  3. Rinjani Garden
    One of the vacation tips to Lombok is to choose lodging that is close to tourist attractions and is also cheap. One of the lodgings that can provide cheap prices in Sembalun is Rinjani Garden. This inn is a simple inn, but it certainly has a memorable temperature and views.
    Rinjani Garden Inn has provided free breakfast facilities for visitors who come and stay there. The price of this accommodation is also very affordable.
    The location is on Jalan Gunung Rinjani National Park No. 12, Sembalun Lawang Village, East Lombok. The distance from the tourist attraction of Mount Rinjani National Park is approximately 11 km.
  1. Sembalun Agro Villa
    This inn is a simple hotel but has a modern architectural concept. The surroundings of the hotel are surrounded by vegetable and fruit plantations, as well as hillsides at the foot of Mount Rinjani.
    Sembalun Agro Villa has a very calm and comfortable atmosphere and is far from the center of the crowd. This location is suitable for tourists who want to enjoy silence and quality rest at night.
    There are 4 villa rooms, 6 standard rooms, and 6 deluxe rooms. Each has different facilities. But all of them will get a beautiful view, namely towards Rinjani and Bukit Pergasingan Sembalun.
  2. Lembah Rinjani Villa & Resto
    This villa is one of the guest houses that can be rented for lodging. The concept of this villa is a simple villa with a simple building form. However, it is from that simplicity that a natural impression can be obtained.
    The location of Lembah Rinjani Villa & Resto is suitable and promises a view of Mount Rinjani and the hills around Rinjani. This view will also be very exotic to be immortalized, and is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in East Lombok.
    Rinjani climbers can also rent this villa because this villa is one of the places that is quite close to Mount Rinjani National Park via Sembalun.
  3. Pondok Sembalun
    The next accommodation in Sembalun is Pondok Sembalun Homestay. This homestay is approximately 30 minutes from Mount Rinjani National Park by foot. This means that the location is very close to Mount Rinjani National Park.
    Visitors to this homestay can get the best view of Mount Rinjani. In addition, the facilities are also quite complete. The concept of this homestay is simple and natural.
    The furniture in this inn mostly uses bamboo furniture which is very traditional but attractive. In addition, the rooms at this inn overlook the lush green plantations and mountains.
  1. Pesona Rinjani
    Just like the other inns that have been described above, the scenery at Pesona Rinjani is also just as beautiful. The view of Mount Rinjani, which is one of the most beautiful and majestic mountains in Indonesia, can be found here.
    The location is on Jalan Raya Sembalun Lawang, East Lombok. This place is a suitable place to escape for a moment to unwind.
    In addition, there is also a gazebo that can be used to enjoy the green scenery and Mount Rinjani. This inn is one of the recommended lodgings in Sembalun.
  2. Hotel & Restaurant Nusantara
    This inn is one of the hotels in Sembalun that can be rented to rest around Sembalun. This hotel accommodation is also quite complete and clean so that it can provide comfort for visitors.
    This hotel and restaurant is also one of the locations that displays a very charming view of Mount Rinjani. Almost all spots in this hotel are suitable for photo backgrounds.
    The atmosphere of the hotel located on Jalan Pelawangan Rinjani, No. 1 Sembalun Village is suitable for a short break from the tedious daily routine.
  3. Maria Guesthouse
    One of the preparations for a vacation to Lombok is to find a unique inn or guesthouse. Maria Guesthouse is a traditional inn that might make visitors have a different impression. The reason is, this inn belongs to one of the Sasak tribesmen, namely the native tribe at the foot of Mount Rinjani.
    However, this simple inn will provide an unforgettable experience. The direct view to Mount Rinjani, as well as the backyard in the form of green hills will be very pleasing to the eye.
    In addition, the accommodation and facilities at this inn are also quite comfortable and provide warmth in the cold temperatures of the Sembalun area at night.
  4. Rautani Guesthouse
    The next accommodation in Sembalun is Rautani Guesthouse. This inn is also one of the simplest inns but provides a very beautiful view.
    There are three types of rooms that can be rented at varying prices, including rooms with single beds, rooms with double beds, and rooms with triple beds. Each of them can be rented with prices starting from IDR 300,000 to IDR 450,000
    Tourists who stay there mostly plan to spend vacation time around Rinjani and Sembalun, such as Mount Rinjani National Park and Bukit Pergasingan.
  1. Athila Homestay
    Another accommodation is Atila Homestay. This homestay is quite simple and quite cheap. However, the location is quite strategic so that it can be one of the recommendations for cheap lodging in Sembalun.
    The rooms at this inn are complete with bathrooms. there is also a terrace that can be used to enjoy the rural atmosphere around the inn.
    Its location on Jalan Raya Sembalun Lawang is also close to tourist attractions in Lombok, more precisely around Mount Rinjani National Park, as well as the Yarn Kelambu waterfall. Meanwhile, if tourists drive to the east, they can reach Gili Kondo in 28 km.
  2. Sembalun Kita Cottage
    Sembalun Kitta Cottage is located on Jalan Raya Sembalun Lawang, Sembalun Bumbung, East Lombok. This cottage is in the middle of very green land, complete with views of the green hills very close.
    From Mount Rinjani National Park, this cottage is only about 9 km away. This cottage has several relaxing areas and also a terrace that can be used to enjoy the best view in Sembalun.
    In addition, this cottage also provides free Wi-Fi access for tourists to stay active on the internet. The price of this inn is also fairly cheap with facilities that are quite complete.
    Those are some recommendations for lodging in Sembalun, East Lombok that can be rented to rest at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Hopefully it can provide useful information.

So there is most popular hotel in Semablun As an alternative and your recommendation for a place to stay when climbing Mount Rinjani or visiting Sembalun

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