About Rinjani Wonders Company

About Rinjani Wonders : Our company established in 2014, and started organized trekking Rinjani and tour Lombok based on owner personal references. Until then we grow up and make some mutual business relationship to all of our local community and contribute to people and campaign to respect & protect the Nature


Rinjani Eco Tour Service Concept

Our company contributes to environmental sustainability

Hiking is the way of embrace a moment to the great nature, nevertheless, people need to heal it up by re-plantation to protect us again and protect nature like the way they are. We set the time to re-plantation before the rainy season, if you interested in you can join our Team or contact the Owner directly

Lombok Culturat Charm 2 in Pengadangan Village Slope Of Rinjani

Our company contributes to Local Living Cultures

Other points of view instead of hiking up Rinjani National Park but also the heritage of local Living cultures might be completed your traveling diary

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package Service in Lombok Indonesia, Rinjani Wonders

We campaign to safe Rinjani – Safe Earth by no plastic

After many years of organizing Hiking or trekking adventures, we realized there something went wrong they brought up to the mountain, PLASTICS as a major issue. And Rinjani Wonders is one of the companies that campaigns to minimized Plastic use. Please support us to make Rinjani clean from Plastic

Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package Service in Lombok Indonesia, Rinjani Wonders

We set SAFETY PRIORITY standard of Hiking Rules

Rinjani Wonders is getting improving from time to time by setting up all camping gears with International Safety Standard, well-trained Guides & Porters by drill schedule every year, like how to evacuate in Emergency situation

Please check our camping gears Here

“Why Trekking with Ranjani Wonders”

  • We are a local company and all our more experienced staff from Senaru and Sembalun Lombok.
  • You can trust that all our staff is here to serve you to the best of their abilities.
  • Our team is to give you the safest and most comfortable tourist experience available in Lombok.
  • We will provide detailed information about all our tours from every aspect to make sure that you are
    always satisfied with our service.
  • Rinjani Wonders provide guided treks to people all over the world and encourage trekkers to get connected with nature during the hiking Rinjani
  • We paid for all collecting rubbish from our porters and guides and became our priority operating standard procedure. It was also a very important contribution to safe Rinjani by keeping it always clean.
  • Local knowledge gives you the advantage of years of experience. We know Lombok and we will take
    you to the best sites on the island to fulfill all your goals.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Eco Tours Service Organizer in Lombok

Company Profile

License : W25.ul/928/HK.03/11/2017
NPWP : 83.231.395.1-914.000
Director : PERDI HASAN
Address : JL. Pariwasata – Senaru Bayan Lombok Utara
  : NTB – Indonesia Post code: 83354
Phone/Mobile : +6285 237 842 992 / +6287 865 825 655
WhatsApp : +6285 237 842 992 / +6287 865 825 655
Email : inforinjaniwonders@gmail.com
Official Website : rinjaniwonders.com