About Us

My name Perdi Hasan can be called (Perdi) I grew up at the foot of Mount Rinjani in Senaru village and I studied and managed to build a travel company called Rinjani Wonders and our company is able to do good service and can make you comfortable and not bored to come again and joining our company. I live in the village of Senaru, at an altitude 601 meters above sea level, in the northern part of Mt. Rinjani area (the second highest volcano in Indonesia).

I worked as a porter and guide for around 7 years as Rinjani trekking guide. And I have passed a lot and felt the bitter and sweet sadness of working and adventuring on Mount Rinjani, but what I got since I worked as a guide and porter in Rinjani I have expanded my knowledge of working on how to care for and preserve nature with guests throughout other countries as a local resident.


I am planning to help young people in this rural area to open up new jobs to become porters, guides and travel drivers who can provide good service and bring and take you to visit around this Lombok island and one of the companies that I have prepared to do a tour and travel trip on Lombok island that comes from overseas and various other countries.


Currently, I am trying to improve the skills and capabilities of the company and my skills as a tourist service provider and organizer at Mount Rinjani trekking that offers a variety of excellent special trekking packages to all of you who are interested in climbing Mount Rinjani and the Lombok tour that we have prepared for all foreign countries.

Through my experience and knowledge. about climbing as we maintain the preservation of a clean and healthy natural environment, I managed to establish a company of its own called Rinjani Wonders to open employment and preserve nature around the environment of Gunung Rinjani and in the villages of Senaru and Sembalun.

The magic of Rinjani itself aims to make it easy for climbers to travel up Mount Rinjani with the best service and will impress you and not get bored from the beginning to the end of your trip with the team of Rinjani Wonders Senaru Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

Go with the Best Trekking Organizer

Why Choose Rinjani Wonders?

  1. Local Company with Best Guides.
    We are local Senaru company with expert guides were hand selected to work for us, who have received extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue.
  2. Responsible Trekking
    We are also a responsible tourist agency trying to make your visit worthwhile, not only for yourself but also part of the money you spend we will use to maintain the cleanliness and preservation of Mount Rinjani National Park.
  3. Safety and Expertise
    Taking on a challenging adventure should not mean compromising your safety. You can be confident you are always in safe hands with Rinjani Wonders. We are experts in all our activities, know all the areas in which we operate intimately and know how to ensure you enjoy your adventure safely using the best guides and the best climbing procedures.
  4. Quality Camping Gear.
    We only use high quality camping equipment to keep climbers as comfortable as possible while outdoors. Our tents are warm, waterproof, roomy and perfectly suited for the climb Rinjani. We provide thick foam sleeping pads and warm sleeping bags for all clients.