Accommodation As Hotel Support Facility

Accommodation As Hotel Support Facility in tourism is a building or part of a building that is specially provided, and everyone can stay, eat, and obtain services and other facilities with payment.

The definition of Accommodation As Hotel Support Facility is not only for tourism but can have an understanding according to social science, namely an agreement between two groups who have different opinions on the subject, or the process of reaching an agreement. Also known accommodation in the field of biology is the adjustment of the eye to receive clear images of different objects.

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Accommodation facilities are certainly needed for every tourist activity, because the activities take more than 1 day. All accommodation generally provides lodging services that are equipped with food and drink services as well as other services but in various forms.

Accommodation takes many forms. Hotel is one form of accommodation generally used by tourists. Other forms of accommodation can be in the form of motels or motor hotels, youth cottages, villas, bungalows and cottages, tourist lodges, guesthouses or guest houses, dormitories, inns, marinas, cruise ships, caravans, boat hotels, boats, apartments, and condominiums. .

Each accommodation is classified and categorized because tourists who are hotel guests, for example, consider the assessment to indicate the quality of service and completeness of the facilities offered. The higher the accommodation rating, the better the quality of facilities and services along with the high price.