09th Nov 2020

Rinjani National Park Blacklist Indonesian Actress

Indonesian singer Fiersa Besari is included in the blacklist of Mount Rinjani National Park in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, because he has violated regulations by double booking hikes and hikes...

01st Feb 2020
Rinjani cable car will welcome Mandalika MotoGP event

Rinjani Cable Car welcomes MotoGP Mandalika 2021

Rinjani Cable Car : Investors will soon realize the construction of a 10 kilometer (km) cable car in Air Berik Village (one of mount Rinjani Trekking Route), North Batukliang District,...

12th Jan 2020
rinjani trekking service singapore

Rinjani Trekking service Singapore

Rinjani Trekking or Hiking Rinjani is one of the big dreams for lovers of outdoor activities. No exception is also for those of you who are in Singapore, because based...

31st Oct 2019
Lombok Cultural Chapter 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani

Lombok Cultural chapter 2 In Pengadangan Lombok

Lombok Cultural chapter 2, which was held by the people of Pengadangan Village, Pringgasela Subdistrict, East Lombok Regency, was held lively. Thousands of residents paraded 3 thousand food stalls brought...

27th Oct 2019
Rinjani Forest fires make Rinjani Trekking close

Rinjani Forest Fires Make Trekking Rinjani Closed

Rinjani Forest fires occur in the hiking trail of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. post incident, the Mount Rinjani National Park Hall are closes all hiking trails.   Source:...

19th Oct 2019
Kuta Mandalika will host MotoGP 2021

Kuta Mandalika is Hosting 2021 MotoGP

Kuta Mandalika is hosting 2021 MotoGP : MotoGP event at Buriram Circuit, Thailand on Sunday (6/10) yesterday made Indonesian motor racing fans enthusiastic. How not, in two years, Indonesia will...

19th Aug 2019
Don’t Trekking Rinjani if ​​Not With Trekking Organizer

Don’t Trekking Rinjani if Not With Trekking Organizer

Don’t Trekking Rinjani if ​​Not With Trekking Organizer : A number of foreign tourists who climbed Mount Rinjani were forced down by officers from the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR)...

16th Aug 2019
Trekking To Rinjani Summit isn't available

Why Trekking To Summit Rinjani isn’t Available?

Trekking To Summit Rinjani isn’t available: It is really disappointing! Climbing to the summit of Rinjani 3726 MASL is not available in this 2019 season and the manager of Mount...

27th Jul 2019
Mount Tangkuban perahu eruption locate in West bandung Indonesia

Mount Tangkuban Perahu Eruption

Mount Tangkuban Perahu Eruption: One of the volcanic mountains that is still active in Indonesia, namely Tangkuban Perahu Mountain, located in West Bandung, Indonesia, suddenly burst its volcanic ash up...

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