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best rinjani accommodation rinjani light house

Best Rinjani Accommodation With Local Concept

24 May 2019 219x Rinjani Wonders

Best Rinjani Accommodation When get Trekking Rinjani Tour with Rinjani Wonders Company Hiking Mount Rinjani Lombok is usually done 2 days or more, then you’ll need a comfortable bed before or within hiking days. We have set up and organize... read more

Mr Perdy Manage Company With Local Wisdom Concept

Manage Company With Local Wisdom Concept

24 May 2019 183x Rinjani Wonders

My name Perdi Hasan can be called (Perdi) I grew up at the foot of Mount Rinjani in Senaru village and I studied and managed to build a travel company called Rinjani Wonders and our company is able to do good service... read more

rinjani wonders educates visitors to get to know traditional ethnic Sasak around rinjani

Provide Education About Rinjani and Its Comunity

19 May 2019 211x Rinjani Wonders

Sasak Ethnic Around Rinjani: Trekking to Rinjani is not only about climbing to conquer the famous high peak of Rinjani, but about how you can conquer the hearts of the people to be able to blend and find true local... read more

Best Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porter Senaru

29 September 2018 237x Rinjani Wonders

Rinjani Trekking Guide and Porter Senaru : Climbing Mount Rinjani the well Guide and Porter will take second place after your fitness level and mental determination, in terms of important factors contributing to your successful all the trip, your comfort... read more

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