Guide & Porters

Guide & Porters
We believe that every hiking’ success is highly reliable on guides and porters, hence the quality of our guides are of great importance. For this reason, our company provides them with training on related guiding skills. They receive regular training/drills to enhance their understanding of hospitality and adventure, particularly about safe and secure trekking. So, you don’t’ have to worry about your safety during the trek.

Our company recruited local guides coming from Senaru and Sembalun Villages because we know that they have a deep understanding of the history, legends, flora, and fauna of the mountain as well as the local culture. They will certainly be good resources to enrich your trekking experiences and knowledge.

Our guides are caring and responsible people. They will be taking care of and fully responsible in every single situation during trekking. They know what to do to respond quickly and accurately. They will take another mile just to make you feel secure and feel satisfied with the trek. Don’t hesitate to talk to them. They would be very pleased to help you. Also, our porters are great chefs and food hygiene is our primary concern. So, you don’t need to worry about your meals.
As our company has constantly promoted clean and green trekking (environment-friendly trekking) for many years, each of our guides and porter is aware of cleanliness and nature preservation. All the plastics and trash brought to the mountain will be carried back and reported to Post 1. This is our company standard in line with the Rinjani National Park Regulations. On top of that, our company, Rinjani Wonders, is eager to make your hiking experience a safe, enriching, and unforgettable journey.

We provide English speaking Trekking Guide and basically, our company develops our Guide & Porters to improve their hospitality & adventure understanding by scheduling drills of emergency operating standards for trekking Rinjani, as part of our main education before joining the RINJANI WONDERS team.

To be noted, safety is our main priority. Our guide and porters will be taking care and fully responsible in every single situation during trekking, please do not hesitate to ask for any help. They will understand what to do, and other things that make us different, Our guide and porters will always cleaning and packing nicely all plastic and trash all the way back down to the main post and collecting them to be reported to us. All customer belonging will take note with our guide, one of our service standards of preventions in case of loss.

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