Hiking Rinjani and Hill

Hiking Rinjani and Hill

Basically, hiking is walking in the open that can be done by anyone, whether it’s children, teenagers, or the elderly. Hiking can be done individually or in groups.

Hiking comes from the verb to hike

The word HIKING comes from the verb to hike, which means to walk or march far for the purpose of pleasure or exercise (exercise). If we understand the meaning of the word to hike, then there are many types of walking sports, including hiking. But the reality shows that hiking is a walking journey that contains elements of games, adventures and the romance of life, not just walking or marching far as the basic meaning of the word comes from.

Examples of hiking activities

For example, one or several people who do morning exercise habits by walking as far as 1-3 km; a person who is forced to walk to the place of work due to circumstances or because there is no/have a vehicle; or walking competitions, all of which cannot be included in the term hiking. In fact, a strange development has arisen, because the meaning of walking is finally untenable, because in hiking, a hiker may use tools that can assist his journey, such as bicycles, horses, boats or by means of a motorized vehicle lift. Therefore the meaning of “hiking” is more accurately called an exploratory journey and not walking or marching over long distances, as the original meaning of the word means.

For the Natural Therapy environment, this hiking is done in groups with a frequency of twice a week, on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

Soft trekking to Pergasingan Hill

Nature Therapy Hiking

Hiking in Nature Therapy is also not just walking, but there is always something to be learned from. For example, we try to find challenges by utilizing the contours of nature, such as climbing, creeping, climbing, and descending cliffs. Not infrequently tucked in knowledge during hiking, whether related to animals or plants found on the way. This is to increase knowledge about the importance of being friendly with nature. All of these things are done to introduce nature to children at an early age, about understanding, functions and benefits of nature.

This activity also teaches children about the importance of working together in groups, the courage to make decisions and being able to form a healthy and strong physique in carrying out daily activities.

Hiking trails

The hiking trails are very varied, ranging from horizontal, downhill and climbing/uphill tracks so that they can give the impression of outdoor adventure that can form a spirit of togetherness in the group. During hiking the children are taught to be disciplined by dividing the hiking group into small groups. Group members walk sequentially one by one and are not allowed to precede each other from the start of the hiking to the end, thus the sense of togetherness in the group can be maintained.

Definition Of Hiking

Hiking is an outdoor activity that consists of walking in a natural environment, often on hiking trails. It is such a popular activity that there are many hiking organizations around the world. The health benefits of different types of hiking have been confirmed in studies.

Hiking or walking

Hiking or walking is a form of exercise and recreation that is healthy. Hiking can be just a few hours or even a few weeks. Some experienced hikers find the satisfaction of walking to explore the wild nature of National Parks, nature reserves, and other foreign places. Hiking can also be just a walk on the sidewalks in the city, the point is walking for fun.

Most people just need clothes that match the weather and light boots for the trip. A novice hiker should start a trail that lasts no more than one day. After their endurance increases, they can only walk all night. Finally they were allowed to go on camping trips for a few days/weeks.