Lombok Tours Exclusive Package

Lombok Tours Exclusive Package

Lombok Tours Exclusive Package ? : Lombok Island is an island spread out in a group of islands in the province of NTB. Here there are 5 administrative areas of government: Mataram City, West Lombok Regency, East Lombok Regency, North Lombok Regency, and Central Lombok Regency. The island is only about 5 hours away by ferry from the island of Bali.

Lombok is also known as the City of a Thousand Mosques. The majority of the population on this island is Muslim. Mosques are very easy to find here, the distance between mosques is almost close. The harmonious combination of tourism and religion made Lombok awarded as The Worlds Best Halal and The Worlds Best Halal Honeymoon 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The small islands that surround the island of Lombok are called Gili. There are 3 Gili which are favorites for tourists to do snorkeling, diving, and fishing activities including Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Not only the three Gilis, other Gilis in this archipelago also have a very beautiful charm.

Lombok Island has a lot of interesting tourist charms. Starting from nature, culture, to religion. The following places – tourist attractions that can be chosen :

Exclusive Tour Package
Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe

Sasak Architectural Tour

We are initiative to form a tour package based on a simple and special study tour but is sustainable so that it indirectly challenges your curiosity, tour actors, to explore not only from the historical side, but also from the side of the tour. the structure of the building and the philosophy of every detail of the building made by the Sasak people in the past which is still maintained, despite the lack of location points of objects that can be studied and the influence of European thought that once occupied the Sasak land itself. Therefore we chose several location points that can be used as objects of study in the tour itself, namely Gumantar Village, Senaru Village, Sade Village, and Limbungan Village.

Senaru Eco tour

Senaru Eco Tour

Eco tour is a form of tourism that is excellent in several countries, such as Thailand and Indonesia in Ubud Bali. This tour has the concept of local wisdom which includes patterns of daily activities and culture which becomes the concept of life so that indirectly tourists will feel firsthand how to become a Senaru community.
Although Lombok has existed for a long time, it is a “one day end” without any ongoing process. That’s why we from the Rinjani Wonders team tried to package this package in a concept that makes tour participants feel like Sasak people in a few days and provide feedback until they return to their country.

Lombok Day Tour

Sembalun Paragliding
Tetebatu One Day Tour
2D/1N Camp Gili Kondo
Summer River Tubing
Kuta Mandalika Tour

How To Get To Lombok?

1. By airplane

There are daily flights between Denpasar, Bali and the capital of Lombok, Mataram. Lombok International Airport (LOP) in Tanah Awu, Central Lombok Regency is located about 30 km or an hour’s drive to the southeast of Mataram. Airlines flying to Lombok are Garuda, Lion Air, Silk Air and Trans Nusa.

2. By Ferry

Traveling between Padangbai (Bali) and Lembar (Lombok) can be done by ferry several times a day. The journey takes about 4-5 hours. Motorcycles and cars can be picked up on the ferry. The ferry ride between Labuhan Lombok and Poto Tano in Sumbawa takes only one and a half hours.

3. By Fast Boat

Blue Water Safari Express is one of the fast boat companies that will take you from Bali to the mainland of Lombok. There are 2 convenient departure points from Bali: Serangan (near Benoa Harbor) and Padang Bai Harbor. You can also check Gilibookings.com for more options and information about transportation or accommodation on this beautiful island.