Rinjani Southern Trail

The Rinjani South Line which is not as popular as Sembalun and Senaru, but is famous for being extreme and has a view that is no less beautiful
The Timbanuh route is located in Timbanuh Village, Pringgasela District, East Lombok. The climbing post is at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level.
The travel time for climbing from the registration post to Plawangan Timbanuh is approximately 7 hours. If you reach the top, you will be in the south of Mount Rinjani and its peak is called Orplas.
The field of edelweiss flowers will greet you before reaching the plateau. Previously, there was a dense forest that had to be passed and also a clear river that could be used for water supplies.
It is not recommended to go down Plawangan Timbanuh to Segara Anak because of the steep cliffs.

Timbanuh Crater Rim