Rinjani Trekking And Hiking

Rinjani Trekking And Hiking Package

Rinjanki Trekking and Hiking tour is our main activity as a trekking organizer as a tour operator and Mount Rinjani Agency in addition to several other tour activities, we present many choices of Rinjani trekking tour and hiking packages to several hills with charming views in Sembalun Village
Some of the Rinjani trekking and hiking packages include:

Rinjani Trekking Tour Package

Sembalun Trek Route

2 Day 1 Night to Summit Point

2 Days 1 Night

Are you an experienced person in conquering mountain peaks?
Only have a short time and just want to climb to the summit point and have good fitness?
Then this package is very suitable for you, because it can be reached only with an estimated time of 2 days and 1 night start from Sembalun Village, overnight at Sembalun Rim and will be back to Sembalun Village on the next day after go down from the summit and get rest time and breakfast

rinjani trekking 3 days 2 night sembalun trek route

3 Days 2 Night

This is the most popular package among the existing packages because you will get complete points from it.
You will start the track from Sembalun Village and will be end at Senaru Village or turn back to Sembalun Village, Overnight at Sembalun Crater Rim, Summit, Segaara Anak lake and get a bonus bath in a hot spring (aiq kalak) then go back up to Sembalun Crater Rim and go back down to Sembalun Village to end the program or if you want to direct to Senaru Rim so it will be end at Senaru village

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4 Days 3 Night

Having a long enough time to enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani national park is an unavoidable desire, so with that we present the Rinjani package 4 days 3 nights to explore every corner of its beauty. start the rinjani trekking tour from Sembalun Village and will be end at Senaru Village, stay at Sembalun Rim, climb to the summit, spend the night and enjoy the beauty of Segara Anak lake, sauna in hot springs, spend the night at Senaru Rim and go down to Senaru Village

Senaru Trek Route

2 Days 1 Night

Ascent activity will start trekking from Senaru Village, along the way you will meet Black Monkey (Lutung), Pangolin, Rinjani Deer and Rinjani typical Flora, stay at POS 3 and in the morning will be taken to Senaru Crater Rim (As Senaru Peak) with a view captivating views such as Lake Segara Anak, Summit Rinjani, Mount Agung and so on.

4 Day 3 Night Senaru Rim Segara Anak Lake Summit Sembalun Village

3 Days 2 Night

On the first day, you will start trekking from Senaru village, pass through an amazing tropical rain forest with its unique flora and fauna, then spend the night at Senaru Crater rim, the next day you will be brought down to spend the night at Segara Anak Lake and enjoy a hot spring bath. the next day you will return to Senaru Rim and descend to Senaru Village

Southern Trek Route

rinjani trekking from timbanuh

2 Days 1 Nigh Timbanuh

On 2 Day 1 Night to Rinjani Second Summit in Timbanuh Route  Package You will feel a different sensation because this route is part of the Rinjani trekking route which is still rarely traveled by foreign tourists because it has been protected by local wisdom from the local community and is only allowed for the local community. But lately the Timbanuh Rinjani trekking route has been opened to the public considering that the path included is safest and not contaminated by the 2018 Earthquake.

trekking rinjani from tetebatu

2 Days 1 Night Tetebatu

2 Days 1 Night Tetebatu Rim Pakage is one of the best trip to hiking Rinjani is to Crater rim Tetebatu and Mount Sangkareang 2 days 1 night start at Tetebatu village in the morning to crater rim Tetebatu for 7 hours normal walk, stay overnight in a tent and next day early in the morning climb to Mount Sangkareang 3.200m above sea level (the 2nd high mountain after Rinjani in Mount Rinjani National Park area) then return to Tetebatu village. This package is suitable for all people with a good fitness level.

Hiking Tour Package

1 Day Senaru RIm

2D/1N Pergasingan Hill

2D/1N Nanggi Hill

Camping Ground Sembalun

Panorama Walk & Waterfall