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Looking for the Best Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour Package Service Provider that already has an official license and has another agency worldwide? Yes, Rinjani Wonders is the place that will impress you with the service that applies the Eco Friendly Tour Guide Service Provider conceptWe have done a lot of travel and tour trips to several countries, both in Asian and European countries so that we understand yet what and how the needs of a traveler visiting our place especially Mount Rinjani and Lombok. Since we founded Rinjani Wonders, we have carried out many visitors who did the Rinjani trekking tour with a very high level of satisfaction from various Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam. In addition, visitors from Europe also do not lose much like Italy, Germany, Spain, France and other European countries that you can see on TripAdvisor.

When will Rinjani Trekking be opened for the 2020 season?

  1. Rinjani Trekking Activity will be open on 1 April 2020 until December 2020
  2. Trekking Rinjani activity just available for Senaru Rim, Sembalun Rim, Summit Rinjani 3726 MASL, and Segara Anak Lake (Not For Camp Overnight)

Joint Our Eco Friendly Rinjani Trekking Program Right Now !!!

Have Contribute to Preservation and Sustainability of the Beautiful Mt. Rinjani For Next Day

Why do you have to establish the choice to choose a service and join us (Rinjani Wonders) as a Rinjani Mountain Eco Tour planner in organizing every point in planning a rinjani trekking, starting from picking up, accommodation, explaining each route and details of the journey you will take while climbing Rinjani , provide professional local guides, porters who carry trekking equipment and provide food for you, trekking equipment, guaranteeing your comfort and safety while with Rinjani Wonders, from pick-up, while on Mount Rinjani, until you arrive at the airport or the next destination that has been you specify.

What is your contribution to the future and preservation of Rinjani?

Rinjani Trekking Tour package service organizer with eco friendly guide service

  • Development of the World Tourism Village of Senaru and Sembalun Villages
  • Providing job opportunities as a source of livelihood for the local community (Guide and Porters)
  • Planting Trees for the balance and sustainability of the Senaru forest endemic ecosystem
  • Protect the confidence of local and foreign tourists with Trust management


2 Day 1 Night to Rinjani Second Summit

2D1N Timbanuh Crater Rim (2nd Summit Rinjani)

On Timbanuh 2D1N Crater Rim Package You will feel a different sensation because this route is part of the Rinjani trekking route which is still rarely traveled by foreign tourists because it has been protected by local wisdom from the local community and is only allowed for the local community

2D1N to Pergasingan Hill Sembalun Lombok

Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

Pergasingan Hill in Sembalun Village : Two days one night, incredible experience over Pergasingan Hill near Sembalun Village and end in the waterfall Sajang village east Lombok.

Snorkeling Activity in Gili Kondo

Camping & Snorkeling Gili Kondo

Explore the Gili and some small islands by boat, walk on the beach and snorkeling. You can stay on the camping area overnight for next day best explore

Why Must Be With Us?​

Health and Safety is Always a Priority

Trekking is a number of things rewarding, exhilarating and sometimes quite challenging. Due to the challenges, you may face here as a traveler our professional guides pay extra attention to your health, to mitigate the effect of the altitude and strain of trekking. Trained in basic first aid, they are highly responsive and quick to react in case of an emergency.

Eco Friendly Tours Concept

We present concepts for a different experience for your tour with the Mount Rinjani Trekking Eco Tours concept that contributes to the future of Rinjani and the local community.

We Organize Everything

We’ve organize all of trekking highly quality equipment, foods and drinks, transportation, comfortable accommodation, including park fees which are included in the price and fully supported by a team of Local porters and Guide with experienced and certified.

No Hidden Charges

We don’t add hidden extras cost. All trips include entrance fee, lodging, foods, guide-porter, camping equipment and tranportation. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

100% Customizable & Fleksible

Tell us about your budget and trip requirement. We’ll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

Easy Way to Online Booking

You can Free inquiry to follow the step in website of contact us via phone or email for information Costumer Service to help you to preparation your planing to trip.

Our Quality, Customized Itineraries and Best Available Prices

We organize the tour packages, the way you want. Your satisfaction is our priority. We take care of your needs, specifications and expectations. We even organize private trips and offer the packages at the most reasonable price but quality is something we always look up for. Our services are of exceptional quality and compromise with the quality is a big No. We assure you that you will find our services worth it.