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I am Perdi Hasan, but just call me Perdy. I am the owner of Rinjani Wonders, a Rinjani mountain Trekking Operator. I was born in Senaru and grew up at the foot of this mountain. I have been working as a trekking guide for 10 years. I have tasted the sweet and bitter experiences from hiking the mountain throughout these years. However, these have strengthened my passion and build my character as a man who earns a living from the mercy of the mountain and the kindness of Lombok nature.Being a trekking guide certainly means being a never-ending learner. I have to learn a set of skills and knowledge starting from understanding the true nature of the mountain, the legend it has hidden, to improving my communicating skills. I also have to enhance my ability to deals with people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds. With these capacities, I gain confidence to make a giant leap to start my trekking company, Rinjani Wonders, since 6 six years ago in 2014.

4D/3N To Summit, Lake, Senaru

Organizing a trekking company requires high dedication, commitment, and total investment. However, with this company, I finally have a wider chance to help raise the wealth level of my community in Sembalun and Senaru. I could open more job vacancies for them. I recruited almost more than fifty people as a guide and porters. They are all local people. I provide them with necessary training on regular basis just to ensure they are more prepared to be our team and serve our clients as best as possible.

In this company, I eventually learn the meaning of giving and nurturing. With the money this company gained, I could spend some amount of the money for charity and for community empowerment. I could share with the neighbors and the poor. I also become more aware of how important it is to maintain and preserve nature. The 2018 earthquake on Lombok has taught me and most of us a great lesson about the importance of respecting nature. Nature could fight back if you are rude. But it would be your best guard when you befriend it.

So if you really want to experience a great change in your life, then hiking with Rinjani wonders would be one of the great teachers. Let us help you plan your hike. Come and walk on Mt Rinjani’s shoulders. You will see the miracles.