Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe

Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe

Tour Overview

Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe: “Sasak” is the largest tribe that inhabits the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, epistemologically Sasak can be interpreted as Sask (read: the one). Until now, there is no literature that is competent and valid enough to provide a real and abstract definition and description of the origin of the Sasak tribe itself, so there is a joke from Indonesian anthropologists stating that “the most obscure tribe in Indonesia is the Sasak tribe. “

Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe


With these conditions, we (Rinjani Wonders) took the initiative to form a tour package based on a simple and special study tour but is sustainable so that it indirectly challenges your curiosity, tour actors, to explore not only from the historical side, but also from the side of the tour. the structure of the building and the philosophy of every detail of the building made by the Sasak people in the past which is still maintained, despite the lack of location points of objects that can be studied and the influence of European thought that once occupied the Sasak land itself. Therefore we chose several location points that can be used as objects of study in the tour itself, namely Gumantar Village, Senaru Village, Sade Village, and Limbungan Village.

Highlight Program 

  • Pick up from Lombok Airport
  • Drop to Objet Tour Activity (First Location)
  • Drop to Hotel Accommodation (1 Night)
  • Drop to Objet Tour Activity (2nd Location)
  • Finish Program
  • Drop to Lombok Airport or Your Next Destination

Duration Activities :

  • 2 Day in Object Location
  • 1 Night Hotel Accommodation

Accommodation :

  • 1 Night Hotel Accommodation in Senaru

Meals :

  • 1 Dinners
  • 1 Breakfast
  • 2 Lunch

Type Of Service Available :

  • Group Package : What is meant by a package group is that it consists of several people who are not from one country or one team at that time. However, they were the ones who had the same schedule at that time to do the same type of tour, namely the Sasak Architecture Tour
  • Private Package : While a private tour is one or more than one person in a group who comes from one country or one location of residence with the same purpose to do a Sasak Architecture tour

Tour Itinerary

Arrival Day and 1st Day → Greeting time at any places in Lombok or Lombok Airport

Highlight : (Airport, Harbor, or Mataram City and Senggigi) à Drop to Tour First Destination à Stay in Hotel Accommodation

Pick up by Our Driver and Guide  in Lombok Airport or others Port like Bangsal Harbor, Senggigi, Lembar harbor or Mataram City and Kuta  Mandalika which one your position

  • After meeting our driver, he will take you to start your tour at the first location in Gumantar Village North of Lombok
  • Explore Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe
  • Lunch Finish Tour
  • Drop to Hotel in Senaru Village

Day 2 Sasak Architectural Tour Tribe Activity 

Highlight : Hotel Accommodation à Drop to Tour 2nd Destination à Drop to Airport/ Next Destination

  • Breakfast
  • Pick up by Driver and Guide
  • Drop to 2nd Tour Object
  • Explore the Sasak Architecture tour
  • Lunch
  • Continue your explore
  • Finish Sasak Architecture tour Program
  • Drop to Airport or your next destination

What Does Package Price Include and Exclude?


  • Pick up and transfers
  • A night accommodation in Senaru
  • Guide
  • Foods and drinking,
  • Notebook
  • Snack and soft drink
  • Entrance fee IDR 300,000/pakage
  • First aid kits
  • Inbound travel insurance
  • Free dinner before trekking at Hotel Accommodation restaurant only


  • Personal tip for Guide and local residents at the object of the tour
  • Small bag pack/daily pack
  • Camera

Anyone who is not allowed to doing this Tour ?

  • Already vaccinated against Covid-19, and show an Antigen swab examination letter or PCR swab from airport health
  • Comply with health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic

For more information please contact us :

SMS/Whatsapp to+6285 237 842 992 / +6287 865 825 655
Thank you.