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Lombok Cultural chapter 2, which was held by the people of Pengadangan Village, Pringgasela Subdistrict, East Lombok Regency, was held lively. Thousands of residents paraded 3 thousand food stalls brought from the four cardinal points.

The Cultural Enchantment of the Pengadangan Village, a million of ​​people filled the center of activity. There are more than 3 thousand red-and-red rice panes, lined up along the road, and brought by women, wearing Sasak traditional clothes.

Lombok Cultural Chapter 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural Chapter 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani Lombok Cultural charm 2 In Pengadangan Village East Lombok Slope Of Mount Rinjani lombok culturat Charm 2 in Pengadangan Village Slope Of Rinjani

Note : The Village of Pengadangan is one of the famous Rinjani Trekking Route with the name “Timbanuh Route” because it is located around the slopes of Mount Rinjani.

The Lombok cultural charm activity stirs between customs and religion. After the parade, the three thousand serving dishes were immediately presented to the invited guests and the people who were present at the event.

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Before the procession, various rituals were also performed such as the art of Bebuntaran, Peresean, including thousands of religious students. At the end of the activity a Betetulak ritual was held and continued with the Begibung event (eating together in one pan, Red). 

Some foreign tourists from Germany, Australia, France, and others, claimed to be amazed by the festive charm of culture, whose sacredness is very attached. Moreover, the tourists blend into one with the community. Finished parading the dish, immediately enjoyed together
In his remarks, Chief of Pengadangan Village Iskandar said that the second cultural charm activity was carried out as a form of unity and integrity of the local village community.

“Lombok Cultural Enchantment Activity is not to spread charm, but want to show unity, if religion and customs can support each other,” he said.

The combination of religion and tradition in the activities of cultural charm, he said, is to answer the views of others, who assess traditional performances often violate religious norms.

“We want to revive adat (tradition) without tarnishing religion,” he said.

Iskandar hopes that the Cultural Enchantment activities can be maintained so that the unity and unity that has been embedded in the village of Pengadangan,

“Unity that is fostered at the village level can be followed by all of Indonesia,” he explained.

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Don’t Trekking Rinjani if ​​Not With Trekking Organizer : A number of foreign tourists who climbed Mount Rinjani were forced down by officers from the Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR) for illegal entry. Four people from Italy were forced to come down because they could not show tickets. The incident took place on Saturday, August 17, 2019, when two foreigners arrived at the Pelawangan camping ground of Mount Rinjani around 10:45 AM.

Ideally, an official climber will arrive in the afternoon or evening, if you enter when the entrance is opened. Because the fastest travel time is around 10 to 12 hours from the entrance through three posts, until arriving at Pelawangan.

Officials of Mount Rinjani National Park who seemed surprised there were still climbers arrived at Pelawangan ahead of schedule. The clerk approached, then asked for a ticket. Two foreigners from Italy could not show the requested ticket. He reasoned when he rode through the entrance of Senaru around 05.00 PM, so he could not find the ticket officer.

Not immediately accepting the reason, Rinjani National Park officials stressed that climbing Rinjani was able to register online. Through the website it is clearly stated when the climb is opened and closed.

Had insisted on forcing to stay at Pelawangan, but officers still forced him down. Finally the two Italians apologized and returned to Senaru via the same route.

When descending from Pelawangan back to Senaru, in the middle of the journey the officers also found two climbers going up through post 3. It was quite easy for the officers to recognize recalcitrant foreign climbers. They are not accompanied by a guide sent by Trekking Organizer (TO). Moreover, foreigners usually always use the services of porters to bring logistics and tents.

The two foreigners are known as Marco and Jean Bapriste, also from Italy. Both depart from Bali and continue the trip to Rinjani. Marco reasoned he didn’t know the climbing procedures at Rinjani.

Unfortunately, the climber could not show his passport on the grounds of forgetting. The clerk confiscated his identity and was asked to return to the post immediately to register and pay for the entrance ticket and insurance.

Contacted separately, Head Officer of Rinjani National Park Sudiyono regretted that there were still illegal climbers entering Rinjani, especially foreigners who were supposed to understand the rules in the country visited.

Don’t Trekking Rinjani if ​​Not With Trekking Organizer

Sudiyono Said “In the future I want to be more assertive. If it needs to be deported, because it is an insult to the state”

According to him, the climbing procedure was clear, registration and using local TO to empower communities around Rinjani. But when there are still foreigners who enter illegally, according to him must be dealt with firmly. He compared the strict treatment of developed countries like Singapore against anyone who made even a small mistake.

In the future, he will coordinate with the Police and Immigration Office for the application of measures against illegal foreign climbers. So that it will be a lesson for TO and foreigners so as not to enter the carelessly without a ticket.

“It is likely that we will coordinate with the police, discuss it with other parties, including immigration. Because it’s a serious offense, “

So, that’s the reason why you Don’t Trekking Rinjani if ​​Not With a Trekking Organizer, if you don’t want to be driven out by Rinjani National Park Officers.


Are you currently planning your vacation or Holiday to Mount Rinjani and Lombok ?, So this article is the right answer for you to read until it’s finished. Because you will find the perfect tips to plan the cost of a Cheap Rinjani Tour and an efficient time so that you don’t waste money and time.
Here are the things you should prepare and pay attention to when planning a Trekking Tour to Rinjani and Lombok ?

1. Determine the right time for Trekking Tour Rinjani
When is the right time to take a Rinjani mountain tour?
Yes, the best time to do the Rinjani tour is between April to October every year, because in Lombok or around Rinjani, the Trekking Activity will be closed from December to March, for reasons of rain for the safety and comfort of visitors and the process repair and maintenance of hiking trails by Mount Rinjani National Park officials. During the climbing season (between April to November) there are two season categories that affect the price of cheap and expensive Rinjani Tours, which are high season and low season. High season is when the number of visitors increases in June to September, so the costs you have to pay will also be expensive (but currently the National Park is outlining a new policy of limiting the number of visitors per day to only 100 people). While Low season is where the number of visitor is less and usually you will get the cost of cheap Rinjani tour.

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2. How to order cheap Rinjani Tour packages?
Most prospective visitors who plan a tour to Rinjani are often confused between whether he should order when he is still in his country or when he has arrived in Lombok (Gili Trawangan, Kuta Mandalika, or Senggigi) and Bali (Kuta or Nusa Lambongan) through many brokerage services offering services at every corner of the counter. But you don’t need to be confused, ordering your Rinjani package should be done directly to the Trekking Organizer or Trekking operators like us “Rinjani Wonders” directly. And you should not go through a broker.

3. Why should the Rinjani Tour Package order be made directly to the Tour Organizer?
Of course you don’t want your dreams and planning to do the Rinjani Tour to be damaged because of the mistake you chose for the Rinjani Tour agency or an irresponsible broker. For this reason, for this reason, you must order directly to the Trekking Organizer or Official operator tour recommended by Mount Rinjani National Park, both at Senaru Village and in Sembalun Village. Because then, without going through a broker, the costs you incurred will definitely be cheaper and you can make a direct offer to get the cheap and right Rinjani Tour price without any additional costs you have to spend. Besides that, you will also get a money back guarantee if there is a complaint regarding the services provided. If you place an order through an official Tour Operator, you will get a guarantee when you place an order or set foot on Lombok until you return to your country. Can I order Rinjani Tour packages while in Bali or Lombok, Yes! of course you can make an order 1 day in advance and will be picked up by the Private Car at your accommodation.

4. How do you get to Rinjani Mountain?
Trekking Organizer or Tour Operators, especially Rinjani Wonders, provide free delivery and pickup services using a private car because they are included in the package you ordered. So you don’t need to worry when arriving in Lombok via Airport or Bangsal Harbor and so on. You only order airplane tickets from your country to Lombok and return tickets to your country (we can also help you to book airline tickets for return to your country)

5. Where is the right information about the Cost of Cheap Rinjani Tour?
Currently there are many sites that provide information about cheap and reliable Rinjani tours that you can make as references, such as Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet,, and many other independent blogs that provide detailed information about Rinjani Trekking Tour. Or for more detailed and accurate information you need, then you should ask directly to the Trekking Organizer because they have the latest information at any time like Rinjani Wonders who are ready to serve Inquiry every day 24/7 for free via email or hotline and WhatsApp. Rinjani Wonders provides Chat Online that can respond after each time

6. Is there a right to rent a scooter or bicycle in Lombok or Senaru?
If you travel to Lombok independently or backpacker, then of course you need a motorbike or bicycle that can be rented to be your transportation around Lombok. Then the answer is Yes!, You can find many providers offering motorbike and bicycle rental around Lombok International Airport or Mataram City. What is the cost of rent per day? Usually you will be charged a lot of rent for a motorcycle between IDR. 50000 up to IDR 100,000 per day

7. Do I have to order tickets independently at E-Rinjani?
Do not worry, you do not have to bother to order tickets to enter Mount Rinjani National Park, which is quite complicated, because we as Tour Operator or Tour Organizer service providers will do the booking of tickets for Mount Rinjani National Park for you and included in the package price pay What is the cost of entering Mount Rinjani National Park? Currently the entrance fee to Mount Rinjani National Tamana is IDR. 150000 / day

8. What types of tour packages are available for Rinjani?
For the Rinjani Tour package, we provide a wide selection of complete packages including:
– Trekking Rinjani Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night
– Trekking Rinjani Tour Package 3 Days 2 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 4 Days 3 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 5 Days 4 Night
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 6 Days 5 Night (Combine With Lombok Day Tour)
– Rinjani Trekking Tour Package 7 Days 6 Night (Combine With Gili Tour)

9. Is there a shopping center around the road when heading to Rinjani?
Yes!, You will find many shopping centers that provide a variety of your needs to climb Rinjani and others.
10. which provides by typical Lombok and Rinjani?
Yes!, There are many shopping centers that offer souvenirs and souvenirs by Rinjani and Lombok which are located around the airport and the city of Mataram.

My name Perdi Hasan can be called (Perdi) I grew up at the foot of Mount Rinjani in Senaru village and I studied and managed to build a travel company called Rinjani Wonders and our company is able to do good service and can make you comfortable and not bored to come again and joining our company. I live in the village of Senaru, at an altitude 601 meters above sea level, in the northern part of Mt. Rinjani area (the second highest volcano in Indonesia).

PERDY HASAN : About Rinjani Wonders Owner

I worked as a porter and guide for around 7 years as Rinjani trekking guide. And I have passed a lot and felt the bitter and sweet sadness of working and adventuring on Mount Rinjani, but what I got since I worked as a guide and porter in Rinjani I have expanded my knowledge of working on how to care for and preserve nature with guests throughout other countries as a local resident.

I am planning to help young people in this rural area to open up new jobs to become porters, guides and travel drivers who can provide good service and bring and take you to visit around this Lombok island and one of the companies that I have prepared to do a tour and travel trip on Lombok island that comes from overseas and various other countries.

Currently, I am trying to improve the skills and capabilities of the company and my skills as a tourist service provider and organizer at Mount Rinjani trekking that offers a variety of excellent special trekking packages to all of you who are interested in climbing Mount Rinjani and the Lombok tour that we have prepared for all foreign countries.

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Through my experience and knowledge. about climbing as we maintain the preservation of a clean and healthy natural environment, I managed to establish a company of its own called Rinjani Wonders to open employment and preserve nature around the environment of Gunung Rinjani and in the villages of Senaru and Sembalun.

The magic of Rinjani itself aims to make it easy for climbers to travel up Mount Rinjani with the best service and will impress you and not get bored from the beginning to the end of your trip with the team of Rinjani Wonders Senaru Rinjani Lombok Indonesia

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Why Choose Rinjani Wonders?

  1. Management with Local Wisdom
    Bringing you to get to know Rinjani and the surrounding environment such as the concept of life of the local community and the traditions it adheres to, the natural environment around Rinjani with the provisions in it, so that it is always harmonious for a better future. Because we are sure, you will not find it in your home environment, so that it can be an added value that brings you at the same time on a local content education tour
  2. Professional Rinjani Guide and Local Porter
    Ensuring comfort, safety and satisfaction of visitors / clients is the top priority in every tour that we run, so it is an obligation for us to bring local guides and porters who fully understand every need in Mount Rinjani Trekking and always get training and control from the mountain National Park Rinjani.
  3. Contributing to the Neighborhood
    It’s very arrogant if we only prioritize company profits without thinking about contributing to the nature around where we work. As a matter of fact, we provide 5% of the cost of the Mount Rinjani Trekking Tour package that you pay. Was donate for rehabilitation and Deer Conservation of the natural environment around the slopes of Mount Rinjani.
  4. Comfortable accommodation and tasteful food
    When we start picking you up at the airport or other places, it is our duty to directly provide security and comfort services ranging from private vehicles for pickup, safe and comfortable hotel accommodation from natural disasters and social disasters, as well as food intake that you receive during with us.
  5. Quality Camping Equipment.
    We only use high quality camping equipment (Private property company Rinjani Wonders) to keep climbers as comfortable as possible when outdoors. Our tents are warm, waterproof, roomy, and very suitable for climbing Rinjani. We provide thick foam bed pads and warm sleeping bags for all clients, along with trekking poles. Because we are not a company that rents trekking equipment to other companies.

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