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3D2 Night rinjani trekking to Summit

Mount Rinjani 3 day trekking to Summit and Segara Anak lake starting from Sembalun to the crater rim Sembalun, camp overnight in a tent, climb Rinjani summit, down to Lake and swim at hot spring then climb to crater Senaru rim and overnight in a tent than last day trek down to Senaru village. Highlight Program: Pick up From Airport or other port Stay in Home Stay (Include on The Package) Start Trekking Go to Sembalun Village Trekking Start point to POS 1 – POS 2 – POS 3 – Sembalun Rim – Summit – Return to Rim Segara Anak Lake (Stay One Night on Tent) Go Back to Sembalun Village Next Destination or Airport and Other port Note : This program is suitable for climbers in good level of fitness or for you are able to walk up and down the hill for an average of 8 hours per…

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Rinjani Forest fires make Rinjani Trekking close

Rinjani Forest fires occur in the hiking trail of Mount Rinjani, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. post incident, the Mount Rinjani National Park Hall are closes all hiking trails.   Source: Inside Lombok “All climbing routes of Mount Rinjani are closed. As of October 20, 2019 until an undetermined deadline,” said daily executor of Mount Rinjani National Park Dwi Pangestu when asked for confirmation on Sunday (10/20/2019 : m.detik.com ). The decision was taken by Mount Rinjani National Park Hall to maximize the handling of forest fires and ensure a safe hiking trail. Closing the route (Senaru, Sembalun) is also to maintain the safety and security of visitors and prevent fires from spreading to other areas. The fire at Mount Rinjani was known to occur in the Senaru route on Saturday (19/10), which then spread to the Sembalun route. Mount Rinjani National Park Hall has called on all parties to obey…

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Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Rinjani Mountain In Lombok Indonesia For Family Package

Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Rinjani is a very common term used specifically for mount Rinjani climbing activities in Lombok Indonesia. Why is that, because if we look at google search recommended, the most important keywords appear, one of which is the keyword rinjani trekking or rinjani trekking and rinjani hiking because the term basically has long been attached to exploring rinjani or climbing mount rinjani. Rinjani Trekking or Hiking Rinjani if ​​interpreted literally or based on epistimologi, then we can take two keywords namely the words “trekking” and “hiking” as the verb and the word “Rinjani” as a noun. Trekking can be interpreted as walking activities for long distances, although it is not like hiking, it is always a multi-day affair. The other main detail is that Treks has a substantial infrastructure for wide lanes, guest houses and food stalls that are supported. Hiking and Backpacking is an experience of…

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