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Rinjani Cable Car welcomes MotoGP Mandalika 2021

Rinjani cable car will welcome Mandalika MotoGP event

Rinjani Cable Car : Investors will soon realize the construction of a 10 kilometer (km) cable car in Air Berik Village (one of mount Rinjani Trekking Route), North Batukliang District, Central Lombok. The construction of the cable car around the Mount Rinjani area is targeted to be completely constructed ahead of the upcoming 2021 MotoGPMORE >

Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Rinjani: Base Knowledge

Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Rinjani Mountain In Lombok Indonesia For Family Package

Rinjani Trekking and Hiking Rinjani is a very common term used specifically for mount Rinjani climbing activities in Lombok Indonesia. Why is that, because if we look at google search recommended, the most important keywords appear, one of which is the keyword rinjani trekking or rinjani trekking and rinjani hiking because the term basically hasMORE >

Provide Education About Rinjani and Its Comunity

rinjani wonders educates visitors to get to know traditional ethnic Sasak around rinjani

Sasak Ethnic Around Rinjani: Trekking to Rinjani is not only about climbing to conquer the famous high peak of Rinjani, but about how you can conquer the hearts of the people to be able to blend and find true local wisdom and hospitality that animates every local resident around the slopes of Mount Rinjani .MORE >

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