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Tetebatu Lombok Tours

Panorama Walk for Tetebatu Lombok Tour
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Tetebatu is a village close to the south boundary of Mount Rinjani National Park.It is a scenic rural area 450m above sea level.

It gives visitors the chance to experience real, traditional village life in Lombok. The area is wellknown for its cultural attractions. Traditional Sasak handicraftartisans spread around the villages in this area. Productsinclude black terracotta, basketry and weaving.

The nearby town ofKotaraja is best known in Lombok for its traditional Sasak stickfighting, and the village has a long tradition of producingforged blacksmith tools. There is also held a local market everyMonday and Wednesday morning.


Tetebatu is sourrounded by beautiful agricultural Landscapes, Forests and Waterfalls.

It is not just the enchantingRice-Paddies, there are Tobacco-Plantations, fields of vegetables andspices and trees with many kind of fruits of course.Tetebatu area is known for Vanilla, Cacao, Macadamia, Tomatoes, LongBeans, Soja, Lombok-Coffee, Pepper, Papaya, Avocado, Jackfruits,Lemons, Coconut and Chilli.

Black monkeys are living in the trees, if you are lucky you will see whole monkey-families crossing your way in the Forests.

In dusk frogs start their concerts in the rice-paddies accompanied by the chatting of local people catching fish.

From the nearby mosque you can hear the voice of the muezzin speaking his prayers.

Walks + Tours

We would like to guide you on one of the many paths around our village and show you the beautiful scenery, Rice-Paddies,Monkey-Forest, Waterfalls and Life.

A waterfall like Air Terjun Jerkut Manis is reached via a pleasant two hour walk throughcharming rice paddies. 

Monkey Forest is a gentle 4km walk north of Tetebatu. Expect lots of macaques and some pleasant scenery and waterfalls.

We can also drive you with our motor-cycles to the villages around to bring you to the places where you can see the weaving and traditional handicraft. 

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