TREKKING with rinjani wonders

5 days back, me and my frends want to hike up at mountain rinjani for the first time. right before we hiked l was explicitly told by australian frends that it was hard to conquer yet once you mike it, you,ll be jaw dropped  withnessing the endless beauty of its nature. l,d personally agree with it tho. lets get a throw back to my experience. on the first day, the weather seemed lovely and breezy as we entered the preserved rainforest in which variety of flora and fauna live. other than that, l felt so lucky to have an informatively reable guide and undeniablely hard-working porters who carried our food throughout the trek up to creater rim/camping site. in addition, they were also such a good cook. next day, l felt so privilidgedly happy that l could see the astonishing sunrise peeping right behind the peak of rinjani. basically with out rinjani wonders my trek would not be so wonderful as it was because it in fact is a highly trustworthy company that i am would highly RECOMMEND, for the service is beyond awesome!!!!

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